With online shopping at an all time high, the web has become saturated with several online shops for sportsmen and women. However, some shops are better than others and some sell items that will benefit a different market within Tennis. Over the years we have used several websites for our shopping and have narrowed it down to 3 of the best. The following 3 websites are our favourite due to price, quality, range and personnel. Please take the time to read on to understand better, some of the online shops that are available. 


3. Tennis Warehouse

Tennis Warehouse Logo


Tennis Warehouse is a long standing tennis company based in the US. What we like about this shop is the excellent reviews it gives to clothing, shoes and rackets. We don’t know many websites that do such a specific and intimate review on each and every item, and we find the data that they collect very useful, especially for those who are new to the game or are interested in finding out new specifications of a new (or old) racket. We have been interested in the new Pro Staff of late. To understand how it plays, we used the Tennis Warehouse page, and low and behold, is a complete breakdown of the racket. It involves the flex, how it feels, string patterns, weight, volley, groundstrokes, power level and recommended string. For both experienced and beginner players, this is the perfect page to use if you’re wanting to get a detailed review. Please see the link below.




  1. Pro Direct Tennis


Pro Direct Logo


A coaches favourite. Probably the most popular and well used shop for both players, coaches and fans. Pro Direct is based in the South of England and works closely with top brands such as Adidas, Nike and head to deliver us the up to date, brand new lines of clothing, shoes and rackets. When you’ve just seen Roger Federer play and you love his new Nike t shirt, Pro Direct Tennis is the website to go to.

We also consider Pro Direct Tennis a favourite as it is very reasonably priced with regards to rackets. We will always recommend this site to both coaches and players as they tend to have a very good price range on old, and new rackets. We recently were asked if we could supply new rackets ourselves. As we aren’t a shop we weren’t possible to do it. However we recommended Pro Direct and the player managed to pick up a 2nd generation Head Speed for £60.

If you’re looking for that brand new t shirt, a new racket, or just want to browse the various different Tennis brands and what they offer, this is your site.



  1. Tennis Point


Tennis Point Logo

We’re actually quite new to this website, but seeing as though the company only started in 2017, it makes sense! Tennis Point is our favourite online shop of 2017 for various reasons. However, the reasons it is the top is simple, the PRICE. Tennis Point is similar to its rivals with regards to the items it sells. It has a broad range and covers everything from clothing, to balls and accessories. Interestingly, Tennis Point seems to have a slightly lower price tag on a lot of their items, and it is that reason we will recommend it to any player, coach or fan.

To give you an idea, Federer has just released his new, pink Nike Clay court T shirt. On the Nike store this sells for £60. On the Tennis Point website, this sells for £34.90. A considerably lower price.

What we also like about Tennis Point, is that they have made their website quite interactive. It allows users to watch Tennis videos and to keep up to date with Tennis News and results. We like Tennis Point’a passion for Tennis, therefore, it is our favourite 2017 online shop. Please see the link below.






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