Get spin and incredible feel with the world-renowned Pro Staff. The matte black look makes it one of the best looking rackets on the market and is used by Roger Federer (albeit the heavier version). With an open string pattern of 16×20, the LS offers vicious spin with little effort, and this is backed up by the simple swing weight of 290g.

The rackets balancing point makes it only slightly head light, meaning it stays strong through contact, helping players deal with receiving powerful shots as well as maintaining incredible ‘feel’. You’ll also find the LS has great access to power as well as its spin. When hitting from the baseline, shots can penetrate through the court with minimal effort. Coupled with the spin effect, this racket can be dangerous as not only can shots come through the court hard, they can cut the tramlines with rapid spin. The LS can mould itself to any game. It doesn’t favour a certain type of player like other rackets can be seen to do. Volleys have just as much, if not more feel than groundstrokes and the serve feels effortless, especially on the second serve when spin comes into play. As this racket is used by Federer, is available at a more friendly weight and balance and is incredibly aesthetic, this has been Wilson’s best selling Pro Staff to date.

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