Below is a collection of some of the best aerial photos. There’s something rather intriguing and inspiring about a tennis court from above. The layout of a tennis court is so perfect, and coupled with beautiful surroundings, these photos are not to be missed. 

1. Matthews, North Carolina, USA

2. Hong Kong

3. USTA Tennis Center, Orlando, USA

4. Tokyo, Japan

5. Shangai, China

6. Antalya, Turkey

7. Guangzhou, China

8. Highlands, Scotland

9. Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

10. Sandia Mountains, New Mexico, USA

11. Musha Cay, Copperfield Bay, Bahamas

12. Wimbledon, Wimbledon, UK

13. Pangkor Laut Resort, Lemut, Malaysia

14. Escuela De Tenis Y Padel Canabal, Spain

15. W Koh Samui, Thailand

Thanks to Hype Courts and AlluringTennisCourts for their amazing photos.


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