Doubles is just as important and challenging as singles, therefore its imperative you and your partner get the tactics right. There are numerous things that can be planned going into a doubles match.Usually, partners discuss which side to play on, which shot will be targeted and how you will play (serve+volley/Two back) to name a few. Funnily enough, its not just the non-professionals that discuss these things into detail. Watch Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal discuss tactics for their doubles match in the this years Laver Cup. Personally, I would have chosen for Rafa to play on the right and Roger on the left as opposed to the opposite. Top doubles players look to serve and poach by aiming down the T, therefore with Federer on the left, he would have had his Forehand to return with as well as Nadal having his Forehand on the deuce side. Of course, this is just a personal preference. Its nice to see how the top pros talk about the same things we do. It brings an element of reality to their hall of fame stature. VidCred: LaverCup

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