Roger Federer is like a fine wine who gets better with age. It was only a few years ago that many started to write him off, finding it hard to believe that he could reach the levels that we have been so accustomed to seeing him achieve throughout his whole career. Having taken the second half of the 2016 season out, post Wimbledon, due to his very well-known back problems, it seemed like a distant possibility that we would see an insurgence of form, from the beginning of 2017 season – boy weren’t we in for a treat.

If there were still any doubters in the Tennis world prior the Australian Open of this year, then Mr Federer has certainly proved them wrong. This year has been one of envy for the many watching and the ‘GOAT’, playing with fun and flare, has seemed almost unbeatable!

Check out some of the Swiss legends best points of the 2017 season and marvel in the magic he produces on the court, time after time.

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