Want to improve your performance & results?

JustBall has a combined 25 years of experience in high performance coaching. We have been specifically trained to identify, correctimprove and develop tennis players technique, tactics, mental and physical performance, whether you’re a complete beginner, or a player who competes Internationally. With our wide range of experience, we can quickly identify areas you need to improve on that will vastly help your on court performance and results on the match court.

Dont have a video? No Problem....

We appreciate that not everybody has the ability to capture footage of their game. The benefit is, you can still improve your performances and results without sending us a video! Simply, explain to us the areas in which you feel you need to improve upon, and we can give you detailed written feedback that’s exclusive to you, with ideas on how you could develop your skills and technique, as well as drills in which you can practice. Some players are also unaware of what they need to improve on. Using our expertise, we can help you discover what you need to take your game to the next level.

Both of us at JustBall are committed and experienced Tennis Coaches. We have worked with beginner players as well as World ranked players. We have both accumulated experience in the UK as well as Spain and France.

To see some of the players we currently work with, click on the links below to get a preview.

JoshB Tennis


'There are thousands of tennis coaching videos on the internet.

However they are heavily focused on 'general & common issues' and don't respect each individual players unique needs and goals.


Tennis players respond and improve quicker when using visual and auditory cues. Once you have sent us your video, using our technical analysis software, we can show you, in detail, what needs improving and more importantly, how to improve it, in line with your goals and what you are wanting to achieve. We can compare your videos to either your favourite player or to a pro player that is already highly skilled within the area you’re wanting to improve upon.

What are the benefits?

Due to our experience and the high level of detail we can go into, we can identify issues that some other coaches and videos may not be able to help you with. We can help you achieve your goals, which may include:

Improving your ranking

Becoming more confident

Improving your consistency

Improving your singles/doubles knowledge

Improving your ability to cope under pressure


Decreasing your errors

Developing your skills

Improving your rating

Winning more matches

And More…..


The cost is £10 per video. If you don’t have a video, don’t worry, we can still help you discover ways to improve your game through exclusive and personal written feedback.

The price includes a visual technical overview of your technique, and an auditory explanation for WHAT & HOW you can improve. The price also includes a breakdown of ideas and drills of how you can achieve your personal and unique goals and objectives. For example, If you simply want to improve the depth on your backhand, not only can we visually analyse your backhand technique, we can also give you tips, tricks and ideas to achieve this tactically, mentally or physically. This will result in better performances, which will in turn, help you improve your results.