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Using our 25 years of knowledge, JustBall create and collect exciting Tennis content from around the world. We provide our followers and fans with useful tips and tricks, Pro and amateur level videos aswell as up to date news and information .

Game Analysis: How It Works

Are you looking for more power on your serve? Or are you simply wanting to become more confident on the court?
Our analysis tool can help you with all areas of your game, whether it is technical, tactical, physical or mental.

A lot of coaching videos on the internet can be quite misleading, as they are for the ‘general’ population. However, our analysis tool can help you and your individual needs. Even if you don’t have a video, we can still help you achieve your goals through written and auditory feedback.

Celebrating The Greatest Of All Time

Celebrating the GOATs 20th Grand Slam, we have attached a video of some of his greatest points throughout his lengthy career. Surely the debate is now over!

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Serve Technical Analysis: Angelique Kerber

Kerber is one of the great players of the last decade. Her game is heavily dependent on defending and manipulating the court, however some consider her serve to be a major weakness. 

5 Tennis Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

Over time, we have collected valuable information from other coaches, workshops, conferences and through experience on the court. Through the years, we have been made aware of some amazing Tennis facts that might make you think! Here we go..

Teaching Styles: Model Based Approach Vs Game Based Approach

Ever heard the expression “two teachers can teach the same subject, yet they teach it in a completely different way?” We often hear this about educators, coaches, teachers….even politicians. It’s fair to say that everyone has their own creative imagination and style that they use to share and help improve others at a chosen subject.

Want Your Game Analysed?

Would you like to improve your performance and results? Our knowledge and background in Elite level performance coaching can help improve your game, what ever your level. Using our technical analysis software, we can look at your game and advise you on what is happening and how to improve it. Even if you don’t have a video, we can still help you achieve your goals with help through written and auditory feedback. Find out more here….

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